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Types of Air Duct Cleaning Equipment

Many people get confused on the types of air duct cleaning equipment they need to purchase when entering the air duct cleaning profession.

We will focus on the main two categories of air duct cleaning equipment: Negative Air Duct Cleaning Systems and Rotary Brush Air Duct Cleaning Systems.

Negative Air Duct Cleaning Systems: This type of system usually relies on a huge, powerful vacuum with around 2000-3000 CFM (cfm is a measurement of air movement) that connects to the duct. The operator will usually cut an access hole into the duct line and connect the vacuum. Done properly, the operator will block off areas along the duct with bladders (inflatable balloon type things) to create a vacuum in sections of the duct. The vacuum then sucks debris, dust, etc back towards the Negative Air Machine. Many operators use an air compressor to help with the removal of dust & dirt. They blow air from the other end to create a "tornado" like effect. Some operators will combine the benefits of the Rotary Brush Method (mentioned below) with Negative Air and use a brush system to scrub the ducts clean and the Negative Air Machine to remove the dirt, dust, & debris. Negative Air Systems are suggested on heavy commercial and industrial type jobs. These large jobs usually contain huge duct that a Rotary Brush method by itself cannot clean efficiently. The large jobs usually need a powerful vacuum (Negative Air Machine) to remove stuff out of the ducts. With this said, Negative Air method is usually not the popular method for residential & light commercial jobs. Usually, the equipment is too big and bulky for residential & light commercial jobs. Also, the rotary brush system usually does a better job than the Negative Air method used by itself on the smaller normal size duct.

Negative Air Vacuum Suggestion: Negative Air Vacuum Systems
Note: You may also want to add a Rotary Brush System to your negative air vacuum for better cleaning.

Rotary Brush Type Systems: This type of system incorporates a spinning brush that scrubs the ducts and a vacuum that removes the dirt, dust, and debris the brush scrubs off the duct. This type of system is popular with residential and light commercial air duct cleaning. It can also be used in conjunction with the Negative Air method (mentioned above). The operator usually does not have to cut access into the duct with this method. The operator inserts the brush & vacuum into the duct using an existing vent opening. The operator pushes the spinning brush and vacuum into the duct to "scrub" and "vacuum" away the dirt, dust, and debris. Note: This website recommends the Rotary Brush type method for residential & light commercial.

Now here is the thing: There are many rotary brush air duct cleaning systems on the market today. Make sure you research the systems out there. There are differences that make some systems better than others. For example: Many systems out there have the brush attached directly to the vacuum hose. How will you make the twist and turns of ductwork with a big vacuum hose? If you are choosing the rotary brush method, make sure you find a system that will easily maneuver through the duct. A system that separates the brush from the vacuum will allow more maneuverability. Remember, you are not sucking all the stuff back at you like Negative Air, you need to have maneuverability in the system to scrub all the duct.

Rotary Brush Air Duct Cleaning System Suggestion: SpinVax 1000 Air Duct Cleaning Package by CleanCraft Products, Inc.

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